Look Into the Future

If you are like me, it is easy to turn on the TV and wonder about the future. What will happen as the world spins a few thousand more times? Will there be new technology? Will there be peace? Will Chipotle still charge us extra for guac? However, mostly I wonder will the future be a “good” place?  If you have ever considered any of these questions allow me to introduce you to Wyatt Beldt…

When it comes to birth months Wyatt drew somewhat of the “short straw” as he was born just after Christmas. Obviously, for a 9 year old this could be a bit of an issue. I mean, who is going to buy you any birthday presents after they just spent the last month eating Pb&j in order to buy you the latest Christmas gifts? This was Wyatt’s unfortunate situation, only he didn’t see it as unfortunate.

When he was just 6 years old, Sara (Wyatt’s mother) explained to him that there were people who never receive any gifts. She explained that other children his age didn’t have what Wyatt had in terms of safety, food, housing, and the one that shocked him at 6 years old…no presents!

Wyatt immediately knew that something needed to change,

“Its not okay that some people don’t have what they need to live…” – Wyatt

…. And that is when his BIG idea came to him, “What if instead of people giving me presents for my birthday they give it to other children who need them?”

And that is just what he has been doing for the last three birthdays.

  • The first year, Wyatt had his friends give to Arty’s Friday Food Bag at Centennial of Fine Arts.
  • The Second year, He chose the “Humane Society of the South Platte Valley” to spoil with hugs and treats as well as donations for the shelter.

Which leads us to this year…Wyatt had his friends give to benefit our families here at Family Promise of Greater Denver!

“When he arrived to drop off his donations we were amazed at the amount of supplies that he had gathered. He is a future world changer!” – Mel Community Support Assistant Family Promise of Greater Denver.

When I asked why he chose Family Promise this year Wyatt said,

  “My mom read about Family Promise online, and told me about how you help children and their families that are experiencing homelessness. Once I understood what you guys do to help children, I knew I wanted to help.” –Wyatt

 I was so impressed by Wyatt’s heart to give, that I asked him to share his “Guide to Giving” with the rest of us so we can learn from him.

Here is Wyatt’s Guide to Giving:

  • Everyone needs to be seen as equal and have stuff…its just what is right.
  • Love each other and treat people the way you want to be treated.

Consider the mic officially dropped!!!

This is world changing type thinking.What a simple yet extremely profound truth, and let me remind you…he is 9!

So, if you’re like me wondering about the future, you can take a deep breath because of Wyatt. Sure, after reading about Wyatt you might be second-guessing your parenting skills (my kids only share their colds) but the hope is that maybe Wyatt’s compassion and generosity will be a hallmark of the next generation.

From all of us here at Family Promise, Wyatt…Thank you for setting the bar so high!





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