Mentors: A Family Partnership

Family Promise of Greater Denver | Mentor Program, Mentor Aid ProgramIn 2015, 87% of families improved their financial condition while they were at Family Promise, 70% moved into more stable housing, and 84% of adults were employed or enrolled in a degree program. Today, the Mentor Aid Program (MAP) is fostering these successes, while creating a brighter future for even more families!

For a minimum of seven months, MAP mentors walk alongside participating families – encouraging advancements surrounding personal development, financial responsibility, employment and other focuses. The program not only supports these areas, but opportunities for deeper, more meaningful relationships with the families we serve. And the time commitment is flexible — ranging from two to five hours per month to as much as you would like to invest.

Here’s how MAP works:

  • First Steps: Mentees are involved in case management with the Family Promise team through our HOME program. Both mentors and mentees are part of an application and screening process. Mentors also learn about tips and resources during training sessions.

This discussion covers:

-A mentor contract.
-Getting to know each other.
-Interests and family needs.
-Goals for the relationship on both sides.
-Timeframes and milestones for future conversations.

  • Next Steps: MAP includes a minimum of six, monthly, face-to-face meetings after the first conversation, and the Family Promise team communicates with mentors and mentees on a monthly basis.

This is a partnership, and one person can make a difference. You can be that person. You can help break the cycle of poverty and frustration for a family working toward self-sufficiency!

Interested in mentoring?


Miriam Rosenblum
Family Promise