Compadres: A Family Partnership

In 2016, 85% of families improved their financial condition while they were at Family Promise, 77% moved into more stable housing, and 88% of adults were employed or enrolled in a degree program. Today, the Compadres Program is fostering these successes, while creating a brighter future for even more families!

For a minimum of seven months, Compadres volunteers walk alongside participating families – forming supportive, nonjudgmental friendships which can later serve as a basis for encouraging advancements surrounding personal development, financial responsibility, employment and other focuses. The time commitment includes at least one face-to-face meeting every month, as well as weekly phone/email/text “check-ins”.

All families in Compadres are involved in case management with the Family Promise team through our HOME program. Both families and volunteers are part of an initial application and screening process.

Here’s how the Compadres program works:

  • Beginning the Process: After completing an application form and a background check, volunteers meet with the Compadres program coordinator to learn more about the program and about Family Promise. Volunteers who are approved for the program meet with the family’s Family Advocate at our Day Site to learn more about the family.
  • Next Steps: An informal “getting to know you” meeting is scheduled at the Day Site for the family, the volunteer and the Compadres program coordinator. If all parties want to continue together, a more formal meeting is scheduled at the family’s apartment. At this meeting we cover:
  • A Compadres contract including initial goals and expectations
  • Relationship guidelines and parameters
  • Possible activities for future meetings
  • Building the Relationship: During the next six months, Compadre volunteers spend time building a strong supportive relationship with the family, with regular meetings and check-ins. The goal is to get to know and trust each other. Family Promise staff provides ongoing support and resources to both parties in the relationship.

This is a partnership, and one person can make a difference. You can be that person. You can help break the cycle of poverty and frustration for a family working toward self-sufficiency!

Interested in becoming a Compadres volunteer?


Miriam Rosenblum
Family Promise
303.675.0713 x105