Lillie Carter; Board Member

Family Promise | Board Member(Above: Lillie with her youngest son, Scott Anthony)

Meet Lillie Carter

Lillie Carter recently joined the Family Promise board, bringing a deep desire to help families experiencing homelessness.

The mom of two has a personal connection to our mission after staying with Family Promise in 2014 with her husband, Tim: “Next February will be three years of us going through the program. For the help we received from you all, there’s no way we could just walk away without staying in touch.”

Her involvement on the board is the next chapter: “I appreciate the Family Promise friendship with our family … you really care about us,” Lillie said. “You guys make it so personal.”

She believe the Family Promise program provides a special environment for those in need, and her perspective does so much to support others: “I like the program – it’s more of a hand up and not a hand out,” Lillie said. “I’m just excited about helping families … and I look forward to bringing other volunteers in as well to help the mission.”

Lillie works with family members at a national cleaning company. She and her family are also in an apartment they love.

“Where we live, I can sit on my patio and see a beautiful view of the mountains,” she said. “We love that Colorado has so many beautiful things, and it’s all walkable. We love the mountains – it’s just like being on vacation at home.”