Talie Lamolinara; Social-Work Intern

Family Promise | Denver InternMeet Talie Lamolinara

Talie Lamolinara recently arrived at Family Promise as an intern through the University of Denver.

She will graduate with a Master of Social Work with an emphasis on mental health as well as health & wellness in 2018, but saw the world before moving to the metro area.

“I spent the last three years traveling all over,” she said. “I was in Africa, Southeast Asia, Europe, British Columbia … and stayed everywhere from a hostile to a farm.”

Talie was inspired to meet other cultures and see different countries after earning an undergraduate degree in psychology and sociology from Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida.

“I really like group dynamics – your life isn’t just about biology and genetics. It’s about your environment and culture, so that’s what drew me to sociology,” she said. “Because of that, I wanted to travel.”

Talie worked jobs in the service industry to save enough for the adventure, and she focused portions of it on volunteering.

“I’ve had so many people help me in my life, so I just wanted to give back to others, which is cliché in the social-work field, but so true,” she said. Her travels ended with a road trip across the United States. “That was amazing – I went to so many places. I was really able to appreciate our country. Sometimes you just take it for granted, and I really appreciated the beauty.”

Talie hopes to work with youth in her field, and is enjoying life at Family Promise.

“So far, I’ve really liked spending time with the families in the program,” she said. “They are so grateful, and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know them.”

Outside of her internship and school, Talie loves journaling, gardening and exploring Colorado.

“Back-country hiking is one of my favorite things in the world. I love being in the mountains with a backpack and knowing that I can live out there for a few days at least,” she said. “I do things that make me happy.”