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Family Promise | Colorado Council of ChurchesFamily Promise is now a Covenanting Affiliated Partner of the Colorado Council of Churches (CCC). The organization is tied to 13 denominations and comprised of 22 congregations that work to address issues of social justice. And the CCC is focused on the following public policies:

Affordable Housing

“The member denominations of the Colorado Council of Churches support legislation and initiatives that will provide, build and create affordable housing, especially for low-income persons,” the council states. “In a just world, all people would have decent, affordable and safe housing.”

Criminal/Restorative Justice

The CCC is against the death penalty and supports “the concepts of restorative justice and alternative sentencing.”

Education of Children

The council advocates for “adequate and equalized funding for public schools as one of its priorities to assure access for all Colorado children to excellent, comprehensive public education.”


The CCC notes “we are called to preserve and nurture the natural environment, and to be gentle and just in our use of the earth’s resources.”

Health Care

“Regardless of the means used to provide health care and ensure access to it, we must diligently preserve the nature of health care as a shared endeavor.”


“We must be aware … of the subtle and not-so-subtle issues of racism and hatred that brew beneath the surface on this issue, and we must be firm in calling upon Christians not to tolerate such bigotry and prejudice.”


“We know that poverty is occasionally the result of personal choices or failures, but much more often, it is caused by economic policies of governments, corporations and institutions, racism, gender bias, political marginalization, or combinations of these.”


“We believe that oppression is often the result of systematic and institutionalized racism.”

Sexuality, Families and Abuse

“We are called by our faith to invest ourselves in relationships that are based responsibly in love, mutuality, faithfulness and creativity.”

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