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Family Promise | The HOME ProgramWhat does home mean to you?

Safety. Warmth. Smiles.

Some of our neighbors don’t know those feelings. They are homeless and struggling to provide for their children. When families arrive at Family Promise, we surround them with compassion and hope – caring for their basic needs as they work toward a brighter future.

And once families leave, we offer them long-term support, a mentor and rental assistance through the HOME Program, which stands for Housing Opportunities, Mentoring & Education.

To families, that support can mean the difference between stable housing and sliding back into homelessness.

“Sometimes it’s easier if you are held accountable for whatever you have to do,” said Jane, who has been meeting with our program manager, Mandy, through the HOME Program since 2013. “Plus, I took a financial class this past winter that really helped with what we’re doing in the program … I was able to pay so much off in six months and have money in savings.”

The HOME Program also offers a listening ear and creative resources.

“Mandy emails me a list of events to think about for the weekend … there are all these free events I can look at and still stay in budget,” Jane said. “I almost feel like Mandy’s a friend – someone I can just talk to.”

Samantha and Trent recently stayed with Family Promise and are also in the HOME Program.

“It has helped a lot because I didn’t really think about budgeting my money and putting funds away for this and that before,” Samantha said.

She and Trent also have a Family Promise mentor.

“Mentoring helps when we just need to talk with someone and talk about our problems and find a way to fix those problems,” Samantha said. “We make goals and try to accomplish those goals. It’s just really good to have people there to support us.”

The HOME Program also helped the family pay to move into transitional housing at Joshua Station.

“It’s just nice to have someone who’s there,” Samantha said.

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