One Human Family

One Human Family

One_Human_FamilyKey West is a beautiful place. And it’s not just the island’s weather or laid-back vibe. It’s the message you see around every corner: “One Human Family.” Key West lives by that motto, and the vacation destination celebrates everyone!

We agree with Key West. We are one family, and we have more similarities than differences. We all want a happy life and a safe environment for our children. Many of us have also experienced homelessness, know someone who has, or may just be one paycheck away from potentially losing our own home.

This blog is about our human story – featuring the families we serve and their paths out of homelessness. We will also write about the people who support us and the community partners that make our mission possible. This is a place for news, Family Promise updates and a lot more!

Artist JT Thompson says humans are interconnected … “like fingers on a hand, we appear separate; but each of us are in fact an integral part of each other.”

Let’s talk about the life we all share: Enjoy the blog posts!

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