Create Your Own Fundraiser

Turn your next social gathering of friends, family and contacts into an opportunity to share the Family Promise mission!

When we go to anyone’s house for a party, we usually take flowers, wine or a dish. In this case, ask guests to make a donation to Family Promise instead of bringing a gift. It will directly support homeless families in our community. Plan your gathering any time of year to celebrate fall, winter, spring or summer!

Here are a few event ideas:

• Summer Barbecue
• Bridge party
• Dinner party
• High tea
• Holiday party
• Golf outing
• Wine tasting (through Wines for Humanity)

Register the event by contacting Allie Card, executive director at Family Promise, at 303.675.0713 or

You may also request that Family Promise attend your event to share a brief overview of our mission and answer your guests’ questions. Join the fun and make a difference in the lives of homeless families!