A Father in need of sleep…

When John Porter was a child both of his parents passed away, and only years later he would witness his brother take his own life.

From the trauma, he experienced John developed some severe social anxieties as would most after such troubling circumstances. Eventually, John found himself without a place to live and was the sole caretaker for his son.

“The hardest part of being homeless with my son was that I could never sleep…I always felt I needed to stay awake and keep an eye out for my son.” – John Porter

John spent the better part of a year traveling between different shelters and sleeping on the street with his little boy. John admits very little was going his way until a random stranger paid $120.00 for the two of them to stay the night in a hotel and told John about Family Promise of Greater Denver.

“The very next morning I called Family Promise…I’ll never forget the date it was the 16th of November 2016. I called and was lucky enough to find a spot in the program for both me and my son.”

John jumped into the program with both feet in spite of his social anxieties. He was motivated to make things better for his son! When asked about his favorite part of staying at Family Promise of Greater Denver John answered, “I could finally sleep. I didn’t sleep for an entire year because I never felt my son was safe. Staying at Family Promise I always knew he was okay…and I finally felt rested.”

John left the program and was able to secure stable housing here in Denver! Sitting in my office as he was getting ready to move into their new place, the only thing bigger than Johns smile was his appreciation for all of the congregations and work done by the volunteers who run our program.

It is for stories such as this that we continue to do the hard work of finding housing for families in need!

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