Welcome Charisse Jordan, our new Diversion Specialist

Charisse comes to us as we begin our new Diversion Program in 2018. Through this new role, we will be able to stabilize families in the Metro Denver by offering mediation, small financial assistance, access to mainstream benefits, and other navigation services.

Originally from New York, Charisse, the oldest of 6, has two daughters, Salina, 25 and Jazmin,23 along with a grandson EJ, 4. She came to Colorado 9 years ago.

“The fact that I’ve always wanted to be somewhere else coupled with the fact that it was so completely different from what I’ve always known is what brought me to Colorado.”

Before coming to Family Promise, Charisse worked as an Executive Assistant for 20+ years, it was the first real job she had and excelled at, so she stuck with it. When asked why she is excited about this new role she said,

“I think that the skills that I bring are primarily are those soft intangible things like a genuine care, empathy, and desire to want to do all that I can do for the families that we are helping.  Also, my ability to look beyond the obvious and get a little creative in the ways in which we help.  Sometimes it’s a matter of writing a check for a family but oftentimes that just helps the immediate need, the question I like to consider is what can we do to prevent this from happening again.  The diversion program allows me to explore all of those “other” things that aren’t necessarily addressed by financial assistance.”

Charisse believes this new Diversion program means empowerment, helping families to see how to help themselves in realistic ways. This can mean reaching out to friends and family to build up their communities in which they help one another to live this life. She is very excited to be apart of the Family Promise of Greater Denver team and is looking forward to this new role.




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