Rapid Resolution

Rapid Resolution is a strategy that helps families facing homelessness avoid the shelter system by identifying immediate alternate housing arrangements and, when necessary, connecting them with services and financial assistance to help them return to housing. The Program Manager works with each family to prevent them from enduring the stress and trauma associated with accessing emergency shelter when other housing options can be explored. Through this program, Family Promise of Greater Denver is able to stabilize families in the Metro Denver area who are homeless and quickly improve their overall housing stability.

If you are in need of services please call us at 303-675-0713.

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“Working with

Family Promise of Greater Denver

allowed me to gain myself back. I put my pride aside to get help and was showered with everything I needed to have a fresh start with my daughter. I am more appreciative and have a better understanding for people than before. Family Promise is my guardian angel. I am appreciative of everything this organization has done, you stay consistent with helping people like me! I cannot say thank you enough.”

- Ashley

50 families served in 2018



Remained housed 2 months after assistance


moved into permanent housing or more stable housing