Our Team

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Allie Card

Executive Director

Allie Card became the Executive Director in January of 2016 after transitioning from her role as Housing Locator/Case Manager. As the Executive Director, she has the opportunity to oversee all aspects of the growing organization.

Allie graduated from the University of Denver with a Masters in Social Work and completed her Masters of Divinity from Western Theological Seminary in 2015.

Allie is deeply passionate about learning and implementing best practices in order to serve families experiencing homelessness. She also enjoys studying affordable housing and creative housing innovations.

In her free time, Allie enjoys running and being crafty. She and her husband love adventures and playing music together.

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Miriam Rosenblum

Office & Volunteer Coordinator

Miriam Rosenblum joined the staff at Family Promise in 2016. She has music degrees from State University of New York at Stony Brook and from Yale University, and a computer degree from Metropolitan State University of Denver. Miriam worked as a software engineer for 20 years and in her free time pursued her interest in working with youth and volunteers, including mentoring at Denver Kids and Big City Mountaineers and coordinating volunteers at B’nai Havurah, Coloradans for Utah Wilderness, and other organizations. 

As Family Promise’s Office and Volunteer Coordinator, Miriam organizes volunteers from the community and oversees the record-keeping and financial operations in the office. She also runs the Compadre volunteers program.

Outside of work, Miriam enjoys spending time with her family, helping kids learn to read through Reading Partners, teaching music, and playing with bands, including Semplice Baroque and The Lost Tribe.

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Mel Davis-Campbell

Director of Programs

Mel originally joined Family Promise as an intern with the University of Denver’s Graduate School of Social Work, where she earned her Master of Social Work degree. Mel also attended the University’s Sturm College of Law, where she received her Master of Legal Studies degree. Mel is particularly interested in the intersection between poverty and the legal system.

After her internship ended, Mel worked briefly as Community Support Assistant, then transitioned to Shelter Program Manager. In that role, Mel coordinated overnight sheltering of families at over 20 local faith congregations. In September 2019, Mel took on the role of Director of Programs. In this role, Mel oversees all of the Family Advocates and ensures that each of Family Promise’s programs runs smoothly and effectively. Mel’s goal is to make every family feel as comfortable and safe as possible as they achieve long-term housing and stability.

Aside from Family Promise, Mel enjoys traveling, hiking, and spending time with her husband, friends, and many furry children. She’s also an avid reader and podcast listener.

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Tania Recendez

Family Advocate, Prevention & Rapid Resolution Programs

Tania originally came to Family Promise as an intern from the University of Denver’s Graduate School of Social Work. She graduated from their Advanced Standing program with her Master of Social Work degree. During her time there, her concentration was mental health and she completed the Latinx certificate. This certificate places on emphasis on providing culturally competent services to the Latinx community. Tania is interested in changing how people understand and access mental health services so that they are able to get the care that they need.

As the Intake Specialist for Family Promise’s Community Case Management program, Tania completes phone intakes with families to assess their situation and will meet with them to help them navigate, access, and apply to the various resources that exist in the Metro Denver area. Tania is passionate about getting to know families and their unique needs so that she can help them get connected to the best possible resources.

Outside of Family Promise, Tania likes to spend her time with loved ones, reading, watching movies, hiking, drinking coffee, and trying out new recipes.

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Courtney Jensen

Development Manager

Courtney comes to Family Promise of Greater Denver from from Buffalo, NY. Before moving to Denver, Courtney was the House Manager & Volunteer Coordinator of Kevin Guest House, a healthcare hospitality house in Buffalo.

As Development Manager Courtney focuses on fundraising, outreach, & partner engagement.

Courtney is passionate about serving each family with compassion & humility. She aims to work as an advocate for our families in changing the conversation around family homelessness & how it is perceived within the Denver community.

Courtney graduated from State University of New York at Cortland with a Bachelor’s in Political Science. In her free time she enjoys hiking, watching the Buffalo Bills, and exploring the city.

Emily Miller.jpg

Emily Miller

Family Advocate, Shelter Program

Welcome Emily Miller as she returns to Family Promise of Greater Denver as a Family Advocate.

Emily attributes her being in this role as a God send. She was a former family in our Shelter Program in 2017. After transitioning out of our program she began working at the Denver Rescue Mission as the Operations Coordinator for their Smith Road Shelter Program.

“Honestly I would have to say that God sent me to FPGD, along the personal connection  I already had. I left the program feeling like I wanted to give back whenever I could. Talk about killing two birds with one stone…. I am able to give back and enhance my career at the same time how amazing is that?”

As Family Advocate Emily will work with each family in our Shelter Program, focusing on employment, housing, & savings. Her experience as a past family allows her to work with families on a deeper level. She  enjoys working with our families and assisting them in their endeavors that lead to the next chapter of their lives.

When Emily is not at work she enjoys spending time with her two little guys, Kourtlan (9) & Loyal (1).

SuRae Coleman - Fav.jpeg

Sur Rae Coleman

Family Advocate, Rapid Resolution & TBRA Programs

Sur Rae, over the course of her life developed a strong passion for human rights, focusing most of her efforts to supporting the fight against sex and labor trafficking as well as domestic violence. Sur Rae received her Bachelors of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Colorado Technical University. She comes from a background involving direct service crisis intervention, as well as human rights and legal advocacy.

At Family Promise, Sur Rae focuses on establishing housing and long term stability for our clients. She currently manages our TBRA grant that serves families in need throughout Arapahoe County. This grant provides short term rental assistance as well as case management. Sur Rae also helps out with our Rapid Resolution program which focuses on case management, resourcing and providing referrals for our clients.

In her free time, Sur Rae loves to swim and hike, taking full advantage of the beauty Colorado has to offer. She has a strong value of family and togetherness, feeling that making the most of every day with the people who are important to you makes life more worthwhile. Her favorite quote has aided her in many difficult situations is; ‘My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style. - Maya Angelou


Jerilyn Apodaca

Family Advocate, Home Program

Jeri is a Colorado Native with over 15 years of  experience working to encourage, support, and strengthen families and communities. She graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver with a Bachelor’s in Social Work and is a certified Healthy Relationships Facilitator.

 Jeri's first experience with Family Promise was in 2000, when she and her five small children went through the Shelter program. She attributes following this career path to a family advocate at Family Promise (then called Interfaith Hospitality Network) who encouraged her to follow her dreams. “I feel so blessed and honored to be able to come back to the agency that helped me and my family in a time of need. I feel my journey has come full circle."

 As the Home Program Advocate, Jeri provides ongoing support to families once they obtain stable housing. Her goal is to help families maintain housing by focusing on financial stability and linking families to essential resources in the community.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and exploring new things.

Kate Blackstone - Fav.jpeg

Kate Blackstone

MSW Intern

Kate is a student at the University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work and is thrilled to be an Intern at Family Promise of Greater Denver. After a long and successful career in the print and graphic design industry, she decided it was time to pursue her longtime desire to be of service and work with families. Kate moved to Colorado from Texas, where she spent the past few years working for a school and community center in south Dallas.

As an intern, Kate is absorbing everything she can about how to best serve families taking into account their unique situations. She supports staff by completing phone intakes, researching and updating information about the ever-changing resources available in the Denver Metro area, and by helping connect families to these resources. Kate is grateful for the opportunity to shadow and learn diverse approaches and methods from the staff.

In her free time, Kate enjoys spending time with her spouse and pets, reading, hiking, painting, dancing,  and long phone calls with her son (24) who lives in Texas.

Elena - Intern.jpeg

Elena Bonitati

MSW Intern

Elena comes to Family Promise from Providence, Rhode Island. She graduated from Wheaton College with her bachelor’s in psychology. She is interning with Family Promise as part of her foundation year at the University of Denver’s Graduate School of Social Work program. Elena is excited to work with a new population and interact with families.

As an intern with Family Promise, Elena will be working with all staff members and working on a variety of tasks. These will include looking for resources, completing intakes, spending time with families, and increasing programs available to families.

Outside of Family Promise, Elena enjoys hiking, spending time with friends, and reading!


Rosemary Barnes

Americorps VISTA

Rosemary’s goal, as an Americorps VISTA, is to work on projects that will build capacity at Family Promise. That includes, but is not limited to, researching, developing, and documenting new operational systems that will benefit present and future guests, staff, funders, and the community at large when implemented.

Kat McNiece 1.jpeg

Kat McNiece

MSW Intern

Kat came to Family Promise as an intern from the University of Denver’s Graduate School of Social Work. Her concentration is in health and wellness and mental health. She has been passionate about professionally and personally implementing wholistic therapies for several years. Kat regards the body as an integration of the physical, emotional, and mental. She believes that how we relate to others begins with our relationship to ourselves. She currently works in integrative healthcare and intends to incorporate social services to broaden her scope of practice.

As an intern at Family Promise, Kat is excited to learn from staff members. She will be completing intakes, helping people navigate and access resources, and working alongside all staff on a variety of tasks.

In her free time, Kat enjoys hiking, cycling, traveling, and spending quality time with her loved ones.

Kirstin Germano.jpeg

Kirstin Germano

MSW Intern

Kirstin began at Family Promise as a volunteer, then became an intern as a third year social work student. She has spent several years working in hospice and with anti-hunger organizations to help families overcome obstacles of many kinds.

Kirstin enjoys working with Family Promise because she gets to develop her passion for being part of a thriving community, and collaborate with a team dedicated to making a difference in people’s lives. Her tasks include completing phone intakes, hosting night sites, and creating resource lists. She plans to complete her MSW and assist women and families who are struggling to stay above the poverty line.

Kirstin spent her childhood in Southern California, and has lived in Denver for six years. In her free time, she enjoys family time, playing music and practicing yoga.

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